The Grateful Dead are Universal When it Comes to Folk Motifs

April 28, 2015By LITTLE HIPPIE

When we visited with Grateful Dead Archivist Nicholas G. Meriwether at UC Santa Cruz, he was kind enough to give us a tour of their current exhibition on the literary tradition of the Grateful Dead. Nick ensured that LITTLE HIPPIE would get all the tidbits not included on the exhibit’s placards, starting at the very beginning with their official … Read More

Defining Grateful Dead, With Primary Sources

April 22, 2015By LITTLE HIPPIE

Every now and again you meet with an object that gives you physical proximity, and makes you feel a connection to a moment that resonates deeply across time and space. In this case, THEE dictionary edition referenced by Jerry Garcia as the primary source for the band’s name, now on view at the UC Santa Cruz Grateful Dead Archive. … Read More

Visiting the Grateful Dead Archive At UC Santa Cruz

April 20, 2015By LITTLE HIPPIE

Little Hippie recently had the pleasure of meeting Grateful Dead Archivist Nicholas G. Meriwether while visiting the Grateful Dead Archive at University of California at Santa Cruz. The Grateful Dead Archive is located in McHenry Library on the beautiful campus. Archive materials are on display in the Brittingham Family Foundation’s Dead Central Gallery on the 2nd Floor … Read More

February 2, 1970 is the Day Modern Concert Production Was Born

April 15, 2015By LITTLE HIPPIE

Just reading Steve Harvey over at the AV Network talking about the event that kicked off modern concert sound production. While various individuals and companies were simultaneously working on developing bigger and louder speaker systems across the country, and around the world, particularly in the U.K., the birth of the modern concert production sound system can … Read More