I recently got together with Yulia Laricheva to record an episode of her new podcast, Dream Nation.

Yulia is the founder of Fund Dreamer, a global crowdfunding platform for social impact, open to all, promoting woman and diversity-led projects.

In our conversation, I tell Yulia about my journey as an artist, growing up in a creative family and moving a lot as a kid, and how the coping skills I developed as a result proved useful tools as a business owner.

We go on to chat about venture capital, false economy, the perils of navigating this terrain, what it means to be a small business without steady funding and why understanding debt is so important. Things I also talk a lot about here and here!

We talk about other things I think about a lot too, like how music festivals offer crucial play space for adults, and also how we’re about to have a huge generation of women in their 40’s who didn’t have kids and the inevitable social change this will bring. And of course, we swap favorite Grateful Dead songs, we gush about John Mayer, and I blow up Oteil Burbridge for a minute, because how could we not?




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