Musicians, refugees and communities are coming together in homes all over the world to recognise the things that unite us: the shared love of music… and the need for a place to call home.

On September 20 Little Hippie will be hosting one of the many small, intimate gigs organized by Sofar Sounds and Amnesty International taking place on a huge, global scale in support of 20M+ refugees worldwide.

Because we all deserve a home, not just the memory of one.

Announced on June 20, World Refugee Day, Give a Home aims to unite people in showing solidarity with those forced to flee their home and raise awareness of solutions to the refugee crisis. At 300 plus shows in more than 200 cities across multiple continents, some of the world’s biggest music stars, refugee artists and activists are participating.

With two and a half years of hosting Sofar shows in our Brooklyn loft behind us, we are excited to see what comes out of this global celebration of hospitality. It is our pleasure to play what small role we can in this monumental undertaking. We host Sofar not only because we love the music they bring in to our space, but also because we believe in the culture they are creating: one built on participation, listening, and sharing. With a foundation like that, it’s no wonder so many new relationships are forged out of Sofar experiences! In a world full of so much competing noise, it is always a joy to sit for an evening and give our attention intently to the performers we host! We were honored when Sofar asked us to be one of the hosts for this event, and we are in full support of Amnesty’s mission to raise awareness of the need to host refugees.

The bands we’ll be hosting are

Arum Rae

Socials for the event are

@amnestyusa, @sofarnyc and #GiveaHome

About Give a Home

The concert series is a collaboration between Amnesty International, the world’s largest human rights organization, and Sofar Sounds, a London-based company that specializes in throwing secret concerts in people’s homes all over the world.

Give a Home is supported by Shazam, VICE and Facebook Live, who will be live-streaming and promoting the concerts globally.

Fans have until 10 September to apply for tickets through People will can select the city and event of their choice to be in with a chance of winning two tickets. They will have the option of making a donation when applying for tickets. The funds raised by the project will support Amnesty International’s work campaigning for the rights of refugees.

Tackling the global refugee crisis

The refugee crisis affects the lives of more than 22 million people worldwide. Almost all are hosted outside the wealthiest nations, which simply aren’t doing their fair share to help. Currently just 10 of the world’s 193 countries host more than half its refugees.

Amnesty International’s ‘I Welcome’ campaign calls on all governments to do more to ensure refugees are protected and able to enjoy their human rights. The campaign also aims to build grassroots solidarity with refugees, including through community-led programs to sponsor refugees.

Although the ticket request period for this event is now closed, donations to support refugees can be me made to @amnestyusa by clicking here.

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