One of the things we’re most proud of at Little Hippie is our Facebook community. Little Hippie’s Facebook page currently reaches an average of 250k people a week and sometimes twice that. We seek to deliver news that will not only uplift you, but will also encourage you to be creative contributing members of society. Our goal is that we may help you to find other people like you so that in your desire to build a better world you will not be alone. Our wish is that the time you spend in our social media community will make you laugh, smile, feel, think, question and answer.

While we prefer to let the community self-moderate, in order that you may always feel safe expressing your thoughts, we have set the following guidelines:

  • We welcome your contribution.
  • We encourage conversation between opposing viewpoints.
  • We ask that you listen thoughtfully, even to those you don’t agree with.
  • We ask that when responding in disagreement, you do so intelligently.
  • We insist that you fact check your statements and do not spread rumors.

These are our rules for dealing with potential conflict.

  • We will delete hate.
  • Haters will be given three chances.
  • After the third time we delete hateful comments, haters will be blocked from our page.
  • If someone feels they are blocked unjustly, we invite them to email us with an explanation.
  • If that someone presents strong reasoning, we will remove the block.
  • If hate is expressed again, the block will be permanent.

Lastly, we do not believe in alternative facts.  Alternative facts are for suckers.


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